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Learn How To Drive The Easy way

Here at Great Western Driving School we understand that it is a daunting experience learning to drive, and we are here to help reduce some of the nervous thinking learners have around passing their P’s test and driving a motor vehicle in general. Whether you’ve driven before, or maybe this is your first time driving […]

Sublime with Rome to Play Brisbane

Sublime with Rome are set to play Brisbane’s Tivoli on Saturday the 4th of March. Most will probably remember Sublime from their string of hits from the 90’s, including “What I Got”, and “Doin’ Time”. Formation Sublime were formed in Long Beach, California, in 1988. The band enjoyed widespread success in the mid-nineties, but their […]

The Benefits of Professional Driving Lessons

You might be wondering: “why should I get professional driving lessons? Isn’t it fine to just learn from Mum or Dad or a friend?” That’s a good question. Someone you know may be able to teach you some of what you need to know behind the wheel, but it’s rare that a member of your […]

Driving Lessons

Online Lessons One of the most convenient and affordable ways to get driving education is online. There are a variety of driver’s education courses available. These are susceptible to the approval of the relevant government authority. Sometimes car insurance agencies offer discounts to students who have completed a driver’s education program. Parents can be involved […]

Learning to Drive

There are a range of skills and much knowledge you will need to learn to drive. Here at Great Western Driving School, we’ve put together a list of some basics. Hazard Perception Test There is an online test called the hazard perception test. It measures your reaction time and your ability to spot hazards. You […]

Driving School

What is it? Driving school, driving lessons, driving tuition, or driver’s education is a formal class or program, which readies a new driver to receive a driver’s licence or learner’s permit. It may also prepare holders of an existing overseas licence for a licence conversion. It can also be used for a refresher course of […]

Learner Driver Tips

When you’re learning to drive, there’s a lot to remember. Here’s some tips to help you learn to drive safely. Before you start any driving sessions, you need to: Revise the road rules Apply your L plates to your car Put your learner logbook in a safe place like your glove box Choose a place […]

Are You Buying Your First Car?

Decisions, Decisions If you’re planning on getting your licence, chances are you’re going to be buying your own car too. The question is, do you buy a new or used car? Your budget will probably come into play here, but if you’ve got the money, you’ll still need to genuinely consider whether a new car […]

Different Licence Types in Queensland

If you’re intending on driving or learning to drive any class of motor vehicle on a road in Queensland, you need to hold a current licence which allows you to drive, or learn to drive, that class of vehicle. Here’s some information about the different licence types. Licence Types • Learner licence • Provisional licence […]

How to Pass Your Practical Driving Test

There’s a variety of knowledge and skills you will need to successfully pass your practical driving test. Here’s a list of some of what’s involved. Knowledge and Skills Required Are you confident starting the car, finding the controls and monitoring the instruments? How are your gear changing skills? This of course only applies to those […]